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Exo sasaeng fans shocking stories

The issue was brought to light by Kyuhyun’s sister who revealed that she’s been stalked and threatened by Sasaeng for the past three years. SEVENTEEN have also had fans follow them from concert venues back Baekhyun has been pretty vocal about his hatred of sasaeng fans. EXO Chen personally announces he is getting married through hand written letter. On September 29, 2013, sasaeng fans appeared uninvited to the wedding of an EXO member’s brother because said idol group would be in attendance (EXO-love, 2013). You’re without-a-doubt the best leader. Pann: Sasaeng criminals' shocking behavior that'll piss you off 1. She put a diarrhea medicine, oil and benzene on B. Here are Some of the Most Jaejoong is an idol who has many terrifying experiences due to sasaeng fans. EXO are a huge group so it’s expected that they have many sasaengs who invade their personal space, however, many EXO-Ls are furious with just how persistent and annoying this particular sasaeng is. Selain Donghae, sudah ada beberapa idol K-Pop yang terang-terangan memperingati sasaeng soal aksi mereka yang sangat meresahkan mulai dari Tae Yeon Girls' Generation, Chanyeol EXO, Key SHINee, Ailee, Taecyeon 2PM, Henry dan masih banyak lagi. I feel bad for EXO because they're in a similar situation ㅠㅠ - DBSK sasaengs are the most extreme ones But they still have many sasaengs - I was going to a recording in a taxi. Yandere loid! Then there's also Gakupo in his song "Specimen Girl". This is just amazing. One of his worst experiences was when he was at a sauna and decided to take a nap. Jun 22, 2015 · That’s why the fanclub name, includes the name of the group: EXO. At the moment, none of the idols have responded to the recent reports, but people are currently also surprised that the nature of the conversation was quite normal, as many would expect sasaeng fans to go crazy and speak in a crazed Esther isn’t the only rumored idol sasaeng. The boys once encountered female sasaeng fans who entered the bathroom the boys were using. May 21, 2014 · EXO. He wouldn’t steal the limelight just to get noticed. On the other hand is the opposite extreme, anti-fans. The first fan allegedly cut her neck and palm for Taeyang's letter and the second cut Here are ten stories of idols who were victims of the extreme acts these so-called "fans" carried out. Oct 31, 2012 · Just think of Justin Bieber’s fans, but a million times worst. [email protected] The girl gave the fan a shy smile and took the mic that was close to her. If you like an idol, listen to their music that should be enough. EXO’s leader was once followed and sexually harrassed by a girl named Rion. Weki Meki's DoYeon and Kim MinKyu are the lead actor of this new web drama. Salah satu diantaranya adalah sasaeng fans atau disebut juga penggemar fanatik, yang terkenal kerap mengganggu kehidupan pribadi selebriti. They take their idols, as their ideal boyfriend or girlfriend type too seriously. Earlier this month, EXO’s Kai also addressed sasaengs during an Instagram live. ” — EXO’s Managers . Después de todo, las fans conocen las direcciones, locaciones y los números de celular, como también el instalar cámaras o invadir el baño de hombres Any time two K-pop idols are revealed to be dating each other, the Korean community always explodes, with shocked fans who can't believe the news. Jaejoong is an idol who has many terrifying experiences due to sasaeng fans. Detail lagu 10 Scariest Sasaeng Stories klik salah satu judul yang cocok, kemudian untuk link download 10 Scariest Sasaeng Stories ada di halaman berikutnya. The Sasaeng leaked images, and texts saying Soji was pregnant. Im Aisha Ameera,offical owner of SMKS9,HSHGirl blog. If you’re a true fan, get to Feb 15, 2018 · EXO's Baekhyun called out a sasaeng fan who wouldn't stop calling him during a livestream. In an interview, D. Oct 03, 2013 · Though they called workers to send them out, but the time the fans was there made the wedding a mess. Feb 19, 2016 · Now take this rumor with a grain of salt because, of course, this could just be a story from an anti-fan looking to tarnish NCT Taeyong’s reputation even more. Suprisingly, this girl has started her life as a sasaeng fan since she was only 16 and she used to be the masternim of “Moncheri” for Suho and Chen. Since Xiumin can't understand, Luhan got mad at the Chinese fan and grabbed Xiumin away from her. After all, fans know addresses, locations, and cell phone numbers, as well as how to install cameras or invade in men’s restrooms or airplanes and take their desired Sasaeng fans are at it again, and this time, EXO member ChanYeol literally had to run for his life. Sebab, berkembang berita bahwa pria kelahiran 1992 itu sempat melaporkan dua orang sasaeng (fans obsesif) dari China yang berusaha masuk ke salah satu properti miliknya, pada awal April lalu. Wasn't this the same sasaeng that Yuta from NCT flipped the bird at? But Jesus, I shudder at all the Sasaeng stories. Fans are now hoping they’ll be a two-time winner for “Best K-Pop”, plus take home the win for “Best Pop” and “Best Choreography”. Their story started in Malta which was the venue of the Bon Voyage Season 3. Article EXO LoL ID Revealed? ShockingSource XSports News | 2013. Sasaeng adalah julukan bagi sebagian fans Korea. Luhan actually tried to get on it once but his manager freaked out and pulled him out. ATTENTION ARMIES. I think the famous sasaeng of BTS was someone who goes on Twitter called “@/melaninesuga, she was a stalker fan that would stalk the members and even go into their hotel rooms. Originally, the word “sa” stands for Chinese character 私, which means private or secret, and “saeng” stands for 生 , which means live or life. Hana knew that Chanyeol had suffered from previous sasaeng experiences but couldn't believe that it happened a few days ago. During his nap, a sasaeng fan came and not only took a picture of him but also uploaded the photo online and bragged that she kissed him while he was asleep. I was on Tumblr the other day and came across this post: The Solution to EXO's Airport Problems Hundreds of foreign EXOtics sho… JYJ and Sasaeng Fans: An Ugly Controversy It has barely been two weeks since the circulation of a video that ambiguously portrayed JYJ's Yoochun hitting a female fan went viral, yet the former … The sasaeng, a Korean term for a stalker or obsessed fan, has repeatedly been spotted near band members at airports and sleeping next to their hotel room. 815 likes · 1 talking about this. Known to be overly obsessed with idols, sasaeng fans have also been featured incountless disturbing stories. Sasaeng Fans' Extremely Disturbing Stories. Seorang reporter berita pernah pergi menyamar untuk mencari tahu Jaejoong is an idol who has many terrifying experiences due to sasaeng fans. What rumors or confirmed stories surrounding the EXO members have been floating around? Let's have a look at some of BTS and EXO were harassed by sasaeng fans. Because of the sasaeng fans who come to find them in front of their dorms, their company and of course their houses, the members are disgusted. REASON: SASAENG FANS AND HATERS lastly : LUHAN -> DEACTIVED HIS ACC SINCE 2014. 1. That’s sasaeng behavior. A recent post on the Korean community board site Instiz by the title of “Baekhyun’s reaction to fans throwing things on stage” features of series of GIFs that illustrate Baekhyun’s cute reactions when fans throw things at him while he is on stage. She's had a pretty popular incident with one as well. Pasalnya, belum lama ini sang kakak, Cho Ahra mengaku jika dia dan keluarganya telah diteror oleh sasaeng fans adiknya selama tiga tahun. Lately, the other EXO members are complaining that he wants to lose weight. When Luhan fell, they didn't help him up but started groping his body. Nonetheless, after finishing the program, the main MCs even exchanged jokes about sasaeng, which made us feel like we were fools. Kyungsoo once had a bruise on his eye because a 'daepo sasaeng' (daepo = DSLR camera) hit him in the eye. Here are eight of the most extreme things sasaeng fans Jul 08, 2016 · V💜ARMY - This fanfic is about a brokenhearted girl (army) often met BTS and was accused by a BTS member - Kim Taehyung as an obsessive/sasaeng fan. May 20, 2015 · While spending time in Tokyo, Japan, EXO‘s Chanyeol was forced to flee due to sasaeng fans persistently following him around. Study: Exxon Misled. Twice Sasaeng Rumors Dec 08, 2013 · Starting this era, many fanwars (against ELF, VIPs, SONEs. JYJ Jaejoong’s experience with a sasaeng fan at a sauna. . Jan 04, 2015 · As if Kris ‘ departure is not enough for Exo-L s to contain, another scandal shook the fandom when a ‘sasaeng’ fan installed a hidden camera inside Luhan’s hotel room; shocking everyone after she posted the photo below. I tried to incorporate BTS feels in this Sep 22, 2019 · While there were fans who greeted them and kept a personal space, not the same could be said about others. Check out my WattPad story ‘Mistress Of EXO’! Feb 20, 2020 · EXO-Ls will remember D. O’s new movie “Pure Love“. Baca Juga : Kepoin 5 Cara Anak Alya Rohali, Namira Adjani Tampil Keren Pakai Sneakers Putih! Apr 12, 2014 · - Out of all the groups in history, DBSK was the most severe case Sasaeng taxis started with DBSK. The pop star went live to disclose to his fans his new hair colour. 2nd gen sasaengs were fucking nutcases, and that's saying something. Bts sasaeng rumors In Korea theyre called Sasaeng fans. Kim Taehyung is single. Five years ago, a trainee named Dahyun who was meant to debut in the group Pink Lace was accused of being a sasaeng for EXO‘s Sehun. 1 day ago · Kpop idols dating rumors 2019. Just a normal fan,by the way. Here’s a list of those sasaeng fans, as well as some of the terrible acts they’ve committed. Sasaeng accounts Sasaeng accounts . REASON: SASAENG FANS AND HATERS ( when he said that he will dwactive his acc, fans said to him: "okay, ciao Kaisoo Chanbaek Exo Ot12 Exo Xiumin Kpop Exo Funny Kpop Memes Exo Memes Jooheon K Pop EXO Shipp's. Chen will marry his non-celebrity girlfriend, with the wedding scheduled to take place privately. I knew about Yunho incident but i had no idea that her parents died because of DBSK sasaeng fans. This is bred out of a mentality of possessiveness, control. Il semblerait qu'il soit allé au Japon lui aussi, accompagné d'un ami. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAI FANS WOULD SAY ABOUT JUNHO) This document came from the following sources: Insider 2PM and This "These are all different accounts written by sasaeng fans (fans who stalk their idols almost 24/7. Mereka enggak ragu buat mengganggu kehidupan privasi para idol dan selalu mengikuti mereka di jadwal pribadi. And wow. That’s EXO’s trademark since they debuted. It was exciting because there was a scene where JYPark and Sunmi approached each other. Kai coloured his hair black and wished to flaunt it on social media. "The wedding was quiet before the EXO members appeared," the person posted. Kai, lui est allé en vacance à LA accompagné de sa maman et de sa sœur. O has made his feelings towards Sasaengs (Sasaeng is a Korean term that refers to over-obsessive fans who stalk their favorite idols, often invading their privacy) clear. The yandere-themed fan Vocaloids, such as Taito and Juon Kiku. Unsettled by this, the cameraman decided to step outside Sasaeng Accounts EXO Releases “Love Me Right” Teaser Video! I love football players, and obviously the sport too, and EXO are becoming football players in the comeback. ” She is a Japanese sasaeng of Chen, Suho, Rookies, SJ. Chanyeol is nearly always the first to post on his Instagram about not following him in cars , not mobbing him at airports, not causing harm to other people . Although the fan already apologized, having an obsessed fan following the idols everywhere is very traumatic for them. It's no shock Soji from GIRLSTORY has a fair share of Sasaengs. Seriously , sasaeng fans . I would like to see the live performance of the two of them early. - 21-ChenMin [Meme] Read 21-ChenMin [Meme] from the story EXO Shipp's. by FIREW0RK- ( ⛄ ) with 3,376 reads. A sasaeng fan bought the same van as EXO and used it to wait outside EXO's schedules. Baru-baru ini, Baekhyun mengungkapkan rasa kesal atas perilaku sasaeng fans yang mengganggu kenyamanannya. 3. This Idea can hurt a lot of People around Sasaeng, like their Idols, and Fellow Fans as well. Being a Sasaeng is never a Good Idea. bigbang, leaker, got7. Here’s a list of a few them. Oct 05, 2012 · But then again, there are Sasaeng fans, who are Sasaeng fans because they want to be remembered, such as the girl who slapped a JYJ member to be remembered (which is horrible. NCTzens were even more concerned by their next post. International fans are here to support you gheiyuiss ! May 11, 2016 · EXO’s Chen, Chanyeol, and Sehun are the first guests on SM’s new web variety show, “The Viewable SM,” where they dish about themselves and each other. 2019 Mar 20 - Read İNSTAGRAM from the story LEAKER | I AM NOT SASAENG by nykskth (kth;) with 3,032 reads. The fan opened up about their experience of going from an Jul 22, 2014 · It is not known what sasaeng fans have done to provoke the singer, but it is well known that EXO has suffered from obsessive fans since their debut three years ago. [+107, -7] Not like it'll make a difference if one leaves 5. These fans went so far as to stand on top of tables to record videos and was overall very disrespectful to the couple, ruining their special day. Do Kyungsoo in real life, or popularly known as D. Baekhyun was visibly frustrated with how the sasaengs ruined his brother’s special day. BTS swept all four Daesangs of the 2019 Melon Music Awards with Artist of the Year, Record of the Year, Album of the Year with “Map of the Soul: Persona,” and Song of the Year with “Boy With Luv. These sasaeng fans were warned to stop following the members many times, but they’re too stubborn and stupid to listen. Nbsp surprised, youre dating rumors and away! A good example of possessiveness is seen in the toxic fans of pop idol girls in Japan. One of the worst experiences Baekhyun had to deal with was when sasaeng fans came to Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding and tried to get the attention of the EXO members. What shocked me was this. A sasaeng fan incident involving the band Sanulrim’s lead vocalist, Kim Changwan, moved the government to act. com 1. EXO’s Attempted Kidnapping. Sponsored Links. She even tried to poison and kill sehun before during exo's guesting at Idol Star Olympic, because she truly believes Sehun is trying to bring EXO down, thankfully the exols was aware of it so they planned to scream "DONT EAT IT". Baca juga: Mengenal Sasaeng, Fans Garis Keras Kpop yang Ganggu Kehidupan Pribadi Idol. Recently, an ex-sasaeng revealed all about the life of a stalker-fan in an 4 Exo-M: When They Say ‘I L; 5 Exo-M: When You’re Both I; 6 Exo M's Lay (Part 1) 7 Exo M's Lay (Part 2) 8 Exo-K: When They Say ‘I L; 9 B2ST: When you tell him ‘ 10 Infinite Scenario: When Y; 11 MBLAQ Scenario: When You’ 12 SHINee Scenario: ‘Noona l; 13 SHINee's Onew; 14 SS501 Scenario: When He F; 15 TVXQ Scenario: Calming Yo; 16 There are many cases where these sasaeng fans put TVXQ in a uncomfortable situation or even in danger. They are the fail transition, from someone who recently like 'the idols', to be a loyal fan Although sasaeng fan activity has caused K-pop celebrities difficulties since the 1990s, for many years Korea had no special laws to prevent or to penalize celebrity stalking. Why?! A lot of fans calls him fat. EXO is famous even in Australia. A die-hard-fan she is. KOMPAS. ) has been created by the so-called immature fans. During their early years, EXO had just finished up with one of their schedules. Im actually a young novelist but my novels arent finished yet. sulay, kaisoo, taoris. 5:23. Im not K-Pop sasaeng fan like my other friends. The saesang’s recently created Twitter account first caught fans’ attention with a post that claimed they’d found and saved Chenle’s personal phone number. Check out my WattPad story ‘Mistress Of EXO’! EXO continues to struggle with sasaengs Wednesday, August 14, 2013 exo , sasaeng fans 728 comments Article: EXO reveals their pains to ssaeng fans, "Our personalities have even changed because of our victim mentality". They are the fans who are excessively obsessed with the idols or celebrities of their likings. Fans will hear “Dynamite” for the first time when its music video drops on August 21 at midnight (EST). [ story continues below ] The boys are also known for their close friendship, so when asked to say a word to each other, they both kept it short and sweet. Chanyeol EXO tengah menjadi sorotan publik. Recently, a fan or a sasaeng per se leaked BTS‘ Taehyung’s personal information on Youtube. | August 10, 2020 11:03 PM EDT K1 Entertainment News EP 1184 Eng Sub - Korean airport rail line breaks all-time record thanks to BTS concerts - There has been a recent influx of ARMYs due to the BTS concert, breaking passenger count records for the Korean Airport rail line Watch Online on Viu PH Video tvxq changmin sasaeng - Nghe nhạc remix, nhạc cover hay hất - Nghe Nhạc Hay là nơi chia sẽ những video nhạc Remix, nhạc cover hay nhất, các bạn có thể xem và tải miễn phí những video MV ca nhạc Aug 11, 2020 · The story continued from 10 years ago to 10 years later, and it was a great MV. There are a lot of instances of sasaeng fans that hung around BTS, but most of the times ARMY and the staff make sure to flag them down. Even as fans continue to show disgust and hatred towards sasaengs and their actions, it’s important to consider what actually drives sasaengs to become sasaengs. All of them were excitedly squealing at him, holding his latest novel. Aug 10, 2020 · News / Headlines. Mặc dù là bạn thân của Sehun nhưng cậu ta lại chới với sasaeng fan của EXO và tiết lộ rất nhiều bí mật của Sehun cho các fan này. Berbeda dengan fans pada umumnya yang mengagumi dan mendukung karir idolanya, Sasaeng justru bertindak di luar batas. Lay “ News of former AOA member Mina’s bullying experience was a shock to fans, but also brought to light a less flattering side of K-pop , ultimately encouraging other victims to speak up and seek 21/fev/2014 - Those crazy sasaeng fans went into their dorm room? Jan 30, 2020 · In a recent upload of BLACKPINK‘s reality content, 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the members looked back on their more difficult days as a trainee and made the disgusting confession that they used to live with cockroaches and centipedes. 12. Mar 10, 2020 · GIFs of EXO‘s Baekhyun went viral yet again, this time for his priceless reaction to fans throwing things at him on stage. ’Enjoy Yourself’ is one of my life motavation by my idol,Park Chanyeol of EXO. Bts dating rumors sasaeng. Sasaeng fans are between the grade level of 6 th grade to 9 th grade (American school Tagged dating scandal, EXO, K-pop, media playing, SNSD 6 Comments Chit Chat , Opini , Sunday Sugar {Sunday Sugar} Sasaeng : Ketika Fans dan Idola Sudah Tidak Ada Batas EXO is known for having lots of sasaeng fans. Musician/Band. " My friend, Denise, or Jules as I call her, even showed me EXO's music videos. At airports, they're mobbed, groped, scratched, beaten, and injured in numerous ways by thousands of fans at airports. Sasaeng Fans Show Up At Venue of ONF's Online Comeback Showcase + Agency Releases Statement. 5k followers we’ve hit. Jan 30, 2020 · “Suho. ♥ ° Completely infected by this happy virus while suffering shota feels on the side. Sasaeng Fan Reveals Baekhyun's Phone Number Incident Was Their. (I mean, we all know it's a "she" right?) According to this fan -- let's call her "Cray Suzy" -- the undergarment in question belongs to member D. When asked by a netizen whether she has seen any celebrities during her employment, the stewardess-turned-BJ (broadcast jockey) confessed that she has seen many including G-Dragon, EXO , actress Choi Ji Woo Hana couldn't believe her eyes. Again, A MILLION TIMES WORST THAN JUSTIN BIEBER’S FANS! That’s really scary and the age of these fans is also scary. news is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for Misc. These people are notorious for engaging in actions that inaugurate an invasion of privacy. “The Viewable SM” is a show where Jul 27, 2013 · A Chinese sasaeng fan started making sexual remarks at Xiumin, asking if he slept with Luhan and if Luhan treats him well at night. Not only to support and love them, but also to give them respect and privacy. To beat someone who is weaker than you, even if a sasaeng fan– it is just fundamentally horrifying. The cousin posted the picture on kakaostory, but some fans share the picture and they make up stories and rumors as if the pictures are from sasaengs. Sasaeng fan is a private life fan, they kinda bit like a paparazzi but, even worse. Hmm , i really really want to kill them . Hampir semua membernya merasakan keganasan para penggemar tak terpuji itu, tak terkecuali Baekhyun. THE INCIDENT ABOUT THE PLASTIC BOTTLE IS AGAINST THAI RELIGION AND CULTURE. May 21, 2019 · “Sasaeng” means “obsessive fan who stalks or engages in other behavior constituting an invasion of the privacy of a Korean idol or other public figures. Mar 13, 2012 · Thirdly, you didn’t report in detail how long sasaeng fans have been stalking JYJ but only simply reflected them as hardcore fans. Setelah itu, sasaeng fans juga dikenal mengetahui alamat, lokasi dan nomor telepon dan juga telah menginstal kamera bahkan memasukki toilet pria ataupun pesawat dan mengambil gambar-gambar yang mereka inginkan dari Apr 20, 2017 · Recently, Zhou Wei, or also known as China paparazzi, reported Luhan was having a girlfriend and a baby. 2019 Jul 26 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh Byúñ Ìkrâm. Kim Changwan was stalked by one of his fans for over 10 Jan 15, 2019 · BigHit Entertainment revealed a list of fan sites run by sasaengs, who it has blacklisted through BTS’ official fan café on January 14. By Alexa L. Jun 24, 2014 · “EXO sasaeng shocking stories,”(Cerita mengejutkan sasaeng EXO) dan “What EXO sasaengs did” (apa yang EXO sasaeng lakukan). Satu kegiatan umum yang dilakukan sasaeng fans adalah melakukan penerbangan yang sama dengan idola favorit mereka. Media sosial Media sosial adalah alat umum yang digunakan sasaeng fans untuk mencari tahu informasi. So guys kai told us that he saw there a sasaeng fan in front of his car ,after that he ended the live. Having debuted under one of the biggest agencies, SM. Angered, Baekhyun read the number aloud. EXO-L is considered a sub-unit of EXO, so that EXO-K + EXO-L + EXO-M = One. You should instead invest that energy into people who love you, in yourself and maybe you can meet people who love you. Fans are shocked at the thought of their favorite idol being pregnant at such a young age. Mới đây, trang Sina đã gợi lại những ký ức về khoảng thời gian này EXO's treatment at the hands of their sasaeng fans is absolutely terrifying. May 16, 2018 · A "sasaeng" is a fan whose obsession with their chosen idol has reached levels bordering on insanity, and there are no shortage of bizarre accounts about such fans. I just want to tell a story about sasaeng fans . Sep 21, 2019 · Kuharap seseorang di agensinya bisa melakukan sesuatu, kasihan sayangku," sambung fans lain. Jul 02, 2020 · Playlist The Playlist romance web drama "Pop Out Boy!" is popular in Korea. I sat beside Hyunbin’s table and he only talked about Sehun for 2 hours non-stop. Unfortunately for EXO, they were once the victims of fans who decided to intrude upon them in this private space. Recently, EXO‘s sasaeng fans have received a lot of criticism for their rude misconduct at a wedding for member Baekhyun‘s brother. Plays/Musicals. If you type their name in a search engine, you’ll see lots of stories about sasaeng fans. Y escribe sin estar viendo a donde va escribir, solo pone la mirada en las fans: Desliza para ver su solicitud! K-pop idols BTS, Exo, Shinee and IU get crazy birthday gifts from fans – ads in New York’s Times Square, Chanel and Hermes bags – what do fans get in return? Aug 09, 2020 · HORROR DISTURBING STORY OF SASAENG FANS IN KPOP (boygroup),bloody letter,rude, sexual harrassment. - Fernsehen Live Stream über internet gucken iphone, tablet, android, mobile. Jul 28, 2020 · By now, we all know BTS, and any self-respecting K-pop fan should be up to date with the outpouring and ongoings of Exo and NCT. Feb 20, 2020 · On a recent episode of tvN‘s DoReMi Market, EXO‘s Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Kai appeared on the show where they participated in a song guessing game just by hearing the lyrics. The group EXO was almost kidnapped by a sasaeng posing as their van driver after an event. [+88, -4] Hurry and kick all of the Chinese trainees you have The sasaeng said that the day Jay’s controversy started ,Wooyoung and Junho got drunk together and told Jay to john tesh off. Trong đó có một sasaeng fan người Nhật, 16 tuổi, cô này từng là fan của Super Junior Donghae, dính vào nhiều vụ lừa đảo tiền của fan khác The shocking incident last week where three K-pop fans ― Sasaeng fans, rather, which is a term for fans of more obsessive traits ― who delayed a Korean Air flight by demanding refunds on board 2 days ago · My eyes were closed until suddenly I heard the heard Chanyeol's name and my ears began to ring. Feb 10, 2020 · EXO's Kai threatens a fan to call the police. Sep 28, 2013 · Anyway, last month, EXO sasaeng fans crashed Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding, another layer of cement to seal their reputation. It is said that at the moment, EXO have the most SASAENG fans. It is not sasaeng picture. But some of the lyrics legit shocked Kai. Earlier today, Sehun warns sasaeng through his instagram by posting an all black image along with a message, "I'm going to say this for the first and last time. We want to support your dreams and success always and forever. The post said, “I am Jul 05, 2009 · EXO are very vocal about their hatred of sasaeng fans, and how much it's affected them. Aug 06, 2020 · Lay took to his Instagram Stories and posted a picture from one of EXO's concerts with the fans holding up the EXO lightstick and wished the band's beloved fans. According to Lay’s side, they would be taking legal act May 28, 2017 · I remember watching a sasaeng interview and she said in the end "your time as a sasaeng hurts you. EXO is back! Several days after the South Korean band announced their triumphant return to music with their sixth album ‘Obsession’, the idols are still preparing for its premiere. A Korean netizen created a post on PANN about Taeyong and how he was rude to her at the premiere of EXO D. A group of sasaeng fans were watching and waiting outside for the boys to emerge. 2 days ago · She had to deal with a perverted, illegal taxi driver, who she thought was going to kill her and her friends. Boy band EXO’s Lay on Saturday made public two stalking cases by obsessive fans, a sign of "warning" against them and the agency’s will to prevent further cases to protect the artist. Hi,everyone. Baekhyun went live on Instagram during the evening, with fellow EXO-CBX members Chen and Xiumin, and gave Mar 10, 2020 · Fans have become concerned for his safety following the discovery of a self-proclaimed sasaeng that’s been uploading extremely disturbing posts about themselves and the young singer. He called the girls who sat with him as ‘hey exo friends!’ like that. [edit] It should be noted that Yunho never had a seizure. Search. On some interviews, EXO admitted that they really have SASAENG fans and that they are aware and scared of it at the same time. Sasaeng fans adalah oknum fans yang sangat fanatik dengan idolanya. #sasaeng #sasaengsunmi #Leak #sasaenglife #. Idols are used to being tailed sehun exo meminta 'sasaeng fan' untuk berhenti mengaku sebagai kekasihnya Sehun EXO angkat bicara mengenai ‘Sasaeng Fan’ yang mengaku sebagai kekasihnya di dunia online. ” Jan 21, 2014 · EXO‘s sasaeng fans’ extreme actions are causing a controversy yet again. I’m going to tell you by grade level since that itself is shocking. " The fandom was l i t e r a l l y imploding and people were taking pro-Kris and anti-Kris stances everywhere and calling him a traitor and calling fans fake and — and there was the part where only Suho was on stage to receive EXO’s award right after the news came out and my soul broke in half and the days you could tell EXO had been crying Jun 25, 2018 · The K-pop industry would not be the same without the talented boy group EXO. Beaucoup de "fans" ont réagit de manière excessive car Sehun et ChanYeol auraient été à la même destination mais en ne prenant pas le même avion. Setelah itu, sasaeng fans juga dikenal mengetahui alamat, lokasi dan nomor telepon dan juga telah menginstal kamera bahkan memasukki toilet pria ataupun pesawat dan mengambil gambar-gambar yang mereka inginkan dari Apr 17, 2014 · Put A Stop To Sasaengs. Dia pun menindak tegas ulah sasaeng fans dengan memberikan peringatan keras selama siaran langsung Instagram. As in the band's slogan "WE ARE ONE!", meaning the band members and the fans are ONE. She's creeping me because she's a directioner. In a fit of jealous rage, he starts dismembering the girl for "being with other men". For example, a member of JYJ, Yoochun found that his home and parking lot had CCTV cameras installed by Saesangs. P Himchan's Coffee. SHAWOLs, etc. has since changed to adopt a more reserved position. Dikutip dari Soompi, Minggu (9/12/2019), Kai melakukan siaran langsung di Instagram untuk memperlihatkan warna rambut barunya. May 22, 2020 · On May 21, EXO-Ls were angered after EXO's Baekhyun confessed through Lysn that two sasaengs followed him into his apartment and even waited in front of their floor. korea | Beberapa mantan sasaeng fans membagikan beberapa metode yang mereka gunakan. So if a girl makes a decision that displeases the fan, the fan will attack, threaten, and harass the girl. Read [rumor] SASAENG FANS drugs himchan's drink + rigs kai from the story ★ EXO BOOK 101 ★ by oppalove123 (sooyoungie's) with 3,913 reads. I know none of us would like that. Jul 13, 2020 · Sehun shared with fans that they had put in a lot of effort in putting together the album, and so he hopes that more people will listen to their music and like it. Along with their names and member numbers, the agency Mar 08, 2012 · Needless to say, the public is surprised to learn that the shocking actions the Sasaeng fans take is true and real, not fabricated stories. Also, there are so many incidents that sasaeng fans hurted at affected EXO negatively. This message is not only for the so called “sasaeng fans” but also for all EXO stans. allkpop 595,021 views. [+93, -0] I got goosebumps at the first picture EXO là một trong những boygroup có lượng fan cuồng đông đảo bậc nhất KPOP. Once when BTS was filming in Sweden, they stopped at a cafe to grab a bite to eat and to relax a little. Fansite Sasaeng List - Free download as PDF File (. Chanyeol EXO Akan Kembali Tampil di “Law of the Jungle” untuk Edisi Brunei; Terlalu Banyak Bicara, Jo In Sung Tampar Pipi Lee Kwang Soo di “Running Man” Kangnam M. Verified account Protected Tweets @ Suggested users. It tells the story of Han SeonNyeo (DoYeon) and Chun NamWook (Kim MinKyu). Minggu (29/9), foto-foto pernikahan kakak Baekhyun tersebar secara online dan langsung mendapat perhatian karena tingkah tidak dewasa fans yang dianggap berlebihan. Here are some the other events that we didn’t include before: Followed Changmin, and after he alerted them from outside of the car, the sasaeng fans quickly rolled up their window and broke his pinky fingers. Prior to its release, Suho spoke with Billboard to discuss what Self-Portrait means to him. "Actually, I asked some of my friends about you. aye this is a tag don't “EXO sasaeng shocking stories,”(Cerita mengejutkan sasaeng EXO) dan “What EXO sasaengs did” (apa yang EXO sasaeng lakukan). In 2017 private photos about the love life of Chen leaked and what people were assuming was his girlfriend. Baekhyun had to go around and apologize to everyone that was at the wedding. Fall Out Boy: Youngbloods music Being a Sasaeng is never a Good Idea. On June 21, a representative of SM Entertainment released a statement of response to earlier media reports about two female sasaeng fans who attempted to break into Chanyeol‘s home. Apr 22, 2015 · 2. Sasaeng Fans Should Stop Doing This To Kpop Idols l KPOP JJANGYA - Duration: BTS Sasaeng’s Shocking Confession, Why Oct 10, 2017 · In 2009, two sasaengs sent Big Bang's Taeyang and G-Dragon love letters covered in some of their own blood. Hana knew that Chanyeol was going to go on a personal vacation to Japan. Tired of seeing your idols getting hurt by their so called 'fans'? We have created this page to put a stop to Sasaengs in every Kpop group Feb 18, 2019 · K-Pop groups have been victims of extreme cases of sasaeng fans throughout the years. Excuse me armies , Selja also known as Kim Yeoshin, the sasaeng fan who had been in a lot of problems in kpop industry. 7 Billion] Discusses COVID19 with Abnormal Summit guests[ARTICLE] 130122 EXO incident with Scary Sasaeng Fans. i hate youu owlss . On this occasion, they have just revealed a shocking teaser about the concept of their new album and the release schedule for their comeback. With events such as ARMYs stalking BTS at the Grammys and Exo’s Baekhyun receiving repeated calls from sasaengs during an Instagram live video, it is apparent that sasaeng activities will never end. Dec 16, 2019 · I actually get a lot of calls from sasaeng fans,” he reportedly said at the time. Furthermore, the video proved that the JYJ members Other well-reported instances of sasaeng fan behaviour include stalking of celebrities (EXO's Chanyeol recently made a police report when sasaeng fans tried to break into his Trending Stories. What’s shocking is someone recently leaked a clip of what seemed to be a phone call between sasaeng fans and Huang Zitao first and then Kris Wu when they were still part of EXO. Aug 12, 2017 · The male idol who has a very shocking choreography The birth of another female idol who can be the mo Exo sharing one portion of chicken for each fans t The fansite who didn't know that their idol smokes The comments that 16 years old Samuel wrote in his Hwang Minhyun receives positive responses from pub The song is both a romantic pop-rock ballad and a message aimed at EXO’s global fan club, EXO-L. 2. Mar 19, 2020 · Many incidents have recorded this kind of misbehavior that greatly intruded into one’s lives. August 10, 2020 by KoreaBoo. [ #Pictures ] Incluso cuando se va #Sunmi no ignora a sus fans y se despide con un pequeño corazón. REASON: SASAENG FANS AND HATERS secondly : SUHO -> DEACTIVED HIS ACC SINCE 2014. Sep 09, 2019 · Huang Zitao Tells Fans Not to Call Him Husband. Even I'm the Korean one didn't even know the existence of EXO. BTS and EXO were harassed by sasaeng fans On June 21, a representative of SM Entertainment released a statement of response to earlier media reports about two female sasaeng fans who attempted to break into Chanyeol‘s home. Jun 17, 2019 · 10 Scariest Sasaeng Stories - Duration: 5:23. O. ☢ When she was just an elementary student, this actress was almost tricked into being kidnapped by a man who claimed to be a relative. B Ungkap Bahwa Ia Dikeluarkan Dari Sekolah; Tao EXO Peringatkan Sasaeng Fans untuk Berhenti Membuntutinya Selama Chuseok tao exo peringatkan sasaeng fans untuk berhenti membuntutinya selama chuseok -when a story becomes too real- Jung Hoseok had just dragged himself into his apartment, exhausted after a busy day. While this may be shocking already, the fans even shaved their heads and dressed like boys so that they wouldn’t be suspicious! Oct 10, 2019 · It happens far too many times, but here are 13 extreme times these fans went too far with their obsession. Red velvet sasaeng info Red velvet sasaeng info. kai, byunbaekhyun, luhan. And on Google nothing pops up, but this new Kim Yeoshin story. Stealing and leaking personal information of celebrities is one of the disruptive acts. However, A Sasaeng shared very shocking information about the very young idol. ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠. Fourthly, all the fans already felt angry toward the report. Here's a list of some of EXO's worst encounters with sasaeng fans. A sasaeng is a Korean word that describes someone as an extreme “fan” who stalks and disregards the privacy of idols. Jun 22, 2014 · It is said that if you google EXO online, such results as these come up: “EXO sasaengs,” “EXO sasaeng shocking stories,” and “What EXO sasaengs did,” among others. 21 hours ago · I didn't know sasaengs actually sell numbers and shit, I. Kể từ khi còn là tân binh, các thành viên đã bị hàng trăm sasaeng đeo bám khắm mọi nơi, đến mức không còn 1 chút riêng tư nào. Both bride and groom are happy and all members including baekhyun also bid goodbye with smile. Apr 12, 2014 · - Out of all the groups in history, DBSK was the most severe case Sasaeng taxis started with DBSK. EXO M came to Malaysia on 7 September meanwhile EXO K came on 8 September because they have schedule at Manila. It was shocking news, yet many fans didn't fall for his words completely. burning candles on a cold night. It’s reported sasaeng fans had called up Huang Zitao and Kris Wu’s room number at a hotel. Now we have "Sukone Tei". Pictures taken during wedding is taken by cousin of baekhyun. Baekhyun meminta kepada seluruh penggemar agar bisa menjaga kehidupan pribadinya. The driver asked if I was going to see celebrities, I said yes. Mar 01, 2010 · (NOTE: I PITY JAEBUM AND NICHKHUN BASED ON THESE ACCOUNTS. The actual guests at the wedding was not happy, and the bride was shocked by all the noise while she was in her waiting room. Such fans have been harassing stars since 1990s, as idol groups such as H. Temukan (dan simpan!) pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest. Jaejoong’s supposed act of physical violence and Yoochun and Junsu seemingly condoning it– it is shocking. She had been out of reach since she was busy filming for her latest drama. Reply Delete EXO Sehun and Super Junior Donghae who have been sharing their 'couple' matching photos through their respective instagram accounts coincidentally encounter unfortunate situation today. icedmailou is a fanfiction author that has written 35 stories for EXO Next Door/우리 옆집에 엑소가 산다. Mar 17, 2012 · I was disgusted at three parties: Jaejoong / Yoochun / Junsu, sasaeng fans, and the normal fangirls. While I agree that I can be one with EXO, I find it… very hard to be one with EXO-L’s… no, let me correct myself… I find it hard to be one with EXO-L’s when they are sasaeng fans among us calling themselves EXO-L when they really aren’t. . This has led to some stories in K-Pop that are just plain terrifying. They sang 4 songs, which were Wolf, Growl, History and 365. He was poisoned BUT the suspect was caught: The anti-fan turned herself in the next day. | August 10, 2020 11:03 PM EDT Video tvxq changmin sasaeng - Nghe nhạc remix, nhạc cover hay hất - Nghe Nhạc Hay là nơi chia sẽ những video nhạc Remix, nhạc cover hay nhất, các bạn có thể xem và tải miễn phí những video MV ca nhạc Fans are now hoping they’ll be a two-time winner for “Best K-Pop”, plus take home the win for “Best Pop” and “Best Choreography”. Suho will headline Rich Man, a drama that will start airing on 9 May on Dramax and MBN Aug 03, 2015 · [ENG] EXO CHANYEOL(찬열) "아이돌 선입견 깨고 싶다" (missing nine, 엑소, 미씽나인, 정경호, 백진희) [통통영상] TongTongTv 통통영상 4:55 Apr 19, 2017 · The Seoul-based and bi-ethnical South-Korean-Chinese boyband EXO, has been through some shaky times with three of its members leaving the band since its founding. One of the most extreme ones I remember was Heechul getting into an accident while trying to lose sasaeng fans and another was someone from TVXQ getting poisoned. Sasaeng accounts Jan 08, 2019 · Tim WowKeren Jan 8, 2019 ; WowKeren - Kabar mengejutkan datang dari salah satu member Super Junior, Kyuhyun. Mega-famous K-pop group BTS ended their successful 2018 year on a note of love and gratitude with a surprising message to fans, which many didn't expect. Sep 15, 2019 · According to Chinese media ET Today, former EXO members Kris Wu and Tao actually answered a call from sasaengs and were nice enough to stay on and chat with them. A. Petition update Sep 30, 2013 — Apparently the Baekhyun wedding sasaeng story is fake. Aug 10, 2020 · “Sasaeng Fans” Show Up To Ruin ONF’s Comeback Showcase — Agency Apologizes For The Mess. Come on Sasaeng fans!! Se dijo que si se coloca en googlea la palabra EXO, los resultados como estos pueden aparecer: “EXO Sasaeng”; “EXO sasaeng shocking Stories” y “What EXO sasaeng did” entre otros. Da EXO-Ls do this because EXO is a quadruple million seller, and they make sure that their favorite group always wins Album of the Year. Sep 11, 2018 · Fan, the highest-paid Chinese actress and a darling of international red carpets who has expanded her career to Hollywood film roles, scored a shocking zero and was the last on a list of 100 Jaejoong is an idol who has many terrifying experiences due to sasaeng fans. Be it as it may, the band still has a huge fan base which reacts to every little scoop about their beloved idols. This is a Japanese sasaeng fan and Rion is her nickname. “Within the fandom, one person’s wrongdoings give the whole fandom a bad image and we all get criticized,” said Go Da-eun, a 21-year-old university student and EXO fan. Jul 03, 2020 · Via Koreaboo, a YouTube channel named “kisses dalhia” read a story she claims she received from a former Jungkook sasaeng fan. On January 20, a certain post was made on a Korean social media platform called Kakao Story. fm Firstly : LAY -> HE DEACTIVED HIS ACC SINCE 2013. Feb 13, 2018 · A sasaeng at a SEVENTEEN fansign threw things at Joshua, saying he wasn't smiling enough given how much money she'd spent on him. ), and i remember watching a documentary on them, and the Sasaeng fan they interviewed said something like, "There are thousands of fans out there and they won't possibly Kaito's "Story About a Poor Rabbit". Sep 17, 2013 · SASAENG FANS – The craziest of the crazy. [+117, -0] The assholes followed Yoochun to his father's funeral. The singer had taken to Pann: Collection of things sasaengs have done to EXO Fans started shoving each other to see Luhan at the airport. In early April, two female Chinese sasaeng fans attempted to enter a studio Read more… By admin, 1 year Sasaeng accounts. Entertainment, EXO has gained so much popularity. Next Story → EXO Sehun Being a Sasaeng is never a Good Idea. Mon numéro Exo Dating Rumors 2020: 06 20 88 52 46 1m65. Sasaeng reddit Sasaeng reddit Sasaeng Fans Should Stop Doing This To Kpop Idols l KPOP JJANGYA 10 Times BTS’s Security Staff Protected BTS From Sasaengs And Danger BTS V / Taehyung x Sasaeng fans airport incident: The Real Story! What are some crazy stories of BTS sasaeng (obsessive) fans? Quora. [+122, -3] All of the Chinese members are going to leave EXO at this rate 3. Koreaboo Drama. The girls are stalked and harassed by fans who act entitled to control the girls they are fans of. Tak hanya fanatik, Sasaeng juga melakukan hal ekstrim yang cukup mengganggu bahkan membahayakan sang idola. 12 ì˜¤ì „ 12:21 Netizen [+193 -8] Yoon Doojoon;s LoL ID revealed a long time ago but theres no problem with it. And she's a native Australian. 212 Likes, 10 Comments - 美 (@meiiko61) on Instagram: “Who is this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ? #Sasaeng #sasaengleaks #sasaengexo #sasaenglife #kpopleaks #kpopinfo #exoleaks…” Jun 08, 2020 · Baekhyun Chanyeol Exo Ot9 Kpop Exo Park Chanyeol Chanbaek Kaisoo K Pop Fan Fiction Shots Trouble • Chanbaek / Baekyeol • - sorry not sorry Read sorry not sorry from the story Trouble • Chanbaek / Baekyeol • by bub-bles (ɟɐɔǝɐɔɥǝ) with 5,500 reads. (wk/amal) The event, however, was interrupted as a certain sasaeng fan (an obsessive fan who intrudes a celebrity’s private life) kept on calling Baekhyun’s number. “Kedua sasaeng wanita itu berada di depan apartemen, mereka menunggu setelah saya menyelesaikan pekerjaan,” tulis Baekhyun, seperti dilansir Allkpop, Jumat (22/5/2020). February 21, 2017 May 6, 2017 kim. A Vipperloid, devoted to Len, and wants to kill Miku. Setelah itu, sasaeng fans juga dikenal mengetahui alamat, lokasi dan nomor telepon dan juga telah menginstal kamera bahkan memasukki toilet pria ataupun pesawat dan mengambil gambar-gambar yang mereka inginkan dari Aug 30, 2013 · I wonder what Xiumin feels to be pushed at the back and barely sing any lines even if he’s better than the others. Jul 13, 2020 · Sasaeng fans are known as fans that reach the point of obsession and break their favorite celebrity's privacy at the chance of being noticed. Sep 30, 2013 · Terbaru fans EXO itu tiba-tiba berbuat keributan di pernikahan salah satu kakak member EXO, Baekhyun. D. They do not hesitate to do anything to get what they want, or to "protect" their idols. It’s beautiful how you always love the team and care about them. Read [TRANS] EXO SASAENG ACCOUNTS from the story ★ EXO BOOK 101 ★ by oppalove123 (sooyoungie's) with 2,317 reads. Sasaengs have done it again, and fans are pissed! A couple of days ago, sasaeng fans who were following MOMOLAND Nancy and The Boyz Q around posted photos of them hanging out together. Check out my WattPad story ‘Mistress Of EXO’! Aug 10, 2020 · News / Headlines. EXO member Lay plans to take legal action against the sasaeng fans who tries to invade his privacy. Bodyguards Han Hojun and Kim Juhyung shared stories about sasaeng fans, and where they have found fans hiding to meet K-Pop idols. How fans found out was shocking. In a video posted on Chinese social media site Weibo, Chanyeol can be seen casually walking down the streets of Tokyo, until one sasaeng fan suddenly runs up too close to the EXO singer causing him to start running away. Jaejoong is an idol who has many terrifying experiences due to Hi,everyone. O was said to change the most because of the thought that all of the fans he's been encountering are all sasaengs. Kai went live on Instagram to interact with his fans and show them his new hair colour. [ story continues below ] Many fans not only express criticism, but also shame: a feeling that somehow these sasaeng fans are tainting the collective fandom. On 8 September, EXO came to Malaysia for MTV World Stage. Fans, then, started to call the number. "When three of them stood up to sing the congratulatory song, they rushed forward and stood on chairs to film videos. EXO menjadi salah satu grup K-Pop yang kerap diikuti oleh sasaeng fans. Due to abnormal behaviors and obsessions of sasaeng fans, idols can’t even have privacy in their own homes. With the 2 sub groups, EXO-K and EXO-M in 2011, that they created EXO has captured a lot of hearts of fans through their songs, dances, and good facial features. Aug 11, 2020 · As fervent fans save up to buy rich superstars gifts they can easily afford, celebrities like IU, Exo’s Xiumin, Shinee’s Taemin and BTS have called for fans to express their appreciation in K-Pop idols have to deal with some frightening situations, whether it be due to sasaeng fans, companies, anti-fans, etc. The user titled the post, “How Baekhyun has always dealt with saesangs,” and shared the following screenshots of posts written by sasaeng fans. Aug 15, 2019 · On 14 August, EXO's rapper, Sehun surprised fans with a selfie together with a very handsome hyung. [translation] exo fun facts from sasaeng accounts (1/3) EXO RANDOM POST: MACROS, GIF AND MANY OTHER THINGS II Upvote Upvote (80) Subscribe Unsubscribe ( 1162 ) 15757 views TVXQ has had some of the worst sasaeng cases, they used to sneak into their apartment and kiss them when their sleeping, give them their pads, caused a car accident and they broke Changmin's pinky Jun 28, 2019 · Though fans may first get infatuated with the idol, some may find themselves on a slippery slope towards obsession. EXO. In the end you're left feeling empty. The backlash from international EXO-Ls was so harsh, she immediately set all her accounts to private. Here are Some of the Most Jan 21, 2014 · This week in Embarrassing Exo Fan News, a sasaeng average Exo fan is selling underwear she claims she stole from Exo's dorm. EXO stans, remember, as fans, we have responsibilities. This is even more so when idols reveal that they Dec 11, 2013 · I think this information is not worth of a news so i dont put it on news&gossip section. Kim Yoo Jung. But the story hardly started there. 23 hours ago · A sasaeng is a term used to describe stalker fans of Kpop groups. [+557, -32] Imagine buying albums and fan merchandise and paying for his gifts only to be hit with wedding and pregnancy news ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ of course fans are pissed However, have you ever heard of "sasaeng" fans? I am sure the word "sasaeng" is not familiar to you so let me explain what it is. Before tht , i want themm to apologize to exo esp baekhyun cause they ruined baek's bro wedding . Fan-acc from fan who was coincidentally at the bar “I live in the same neighborhood as Hyunbin. Jun 24, 2014 · Tuesday, June 24, 2014 exo, luhan, sasaeng fans, seo taiji 174 comments Article : [Exclusive] Fan of Seo Taiji for 10 years arrested for trespassing his Pyungchangdong home Source: Money Today via Naver Jul 27, 2017 · Taeyeon and Hyoyeon calling out the sasaeng fans through their Instagram stories a lot of hate for exposing the sasaeng fans like this. And I never heard of Yunho’s seizure until this Kim Yeoshin scandal developed. Sasaeng is a Korean term that refers to over-obsessive fans who stalk their favorite idols, often invading their privacy. Exo Xiumin Kaisoo Chanbaek Exo Ot12 Kpop Exo Exo Couple Exo Fan Kim Minseok Xiuchen 心臓発作 Hi, I'm ANGEL and this is my 101% EXO-dedicated blog. Sehun, who was known for his perceived apathy, … EXO's Kai was Being Savage AF Calling out Sasaeng Fans on Recent Instagram Live Superman TV Kpop Hottest News - Trends Nct Kpop Trends Entertainment Concert Photos Pictures Concerts Entertaining Feb 28, 2014 · The anti-fan claimed that she was responsible for the poisoned drink against Yunho in 2006 and that she had done it because her parents were killed due to sasaeng fans chasing TVXQ in 2007. It seems like the 25-year-old idol Jan 02, 2016 · Sasaeng fans like to stalk the EXO members with like 20+ vehicles, and they drive recklessly, endangering the well-being of anyone and everyone around them. Craziest EXO (Sasaeng) Fan Moments. Original Article from Koreaboo. Don’t ask me why, but it’s going to be great. Jan 16, 2020 · Article: ‘Wedding announcement’ Chen, EXO-L turn their backs on him… “Request for him to leave the group, request an answer from SM” Source: Star Today via Nate. Twice Sasaeng Rumors Download lagu 10 Scariest Sasaeng Stories MP3 dapat kamu download secara gratis di Stafaband. Although, I live in Malaysia, I still can't go because I don't have the money to buy the ticket. The owner of the phone number, however, claimed she wasn’t the fan in question. Last March 18, the sasaeng leaked BTS’ Taehyung personal information that includes V’s ID photo, ID number, as well as his passport number. Let us not let EXO get mad at us. May 03, 2018 · K-pop boy band EXO’s leader Suho will be starring in a new drama and fans just couldn’t wait to watch it. EXO members asked them to stop just for this event and that they could resume it at a different time. Here are Some of the Most EXO is known for having lots of sasaeng fans. Seen here at a fansigning, probably fearing for his life Exo's sad story on ask. We’ve been touched numerous times by how you constantly thank the fans. Baekhyun picked him up looking pissed. Kai EXO baru-baru ini diganggu oleh sasaeng fans saat sedang melakukan live Instagram. Baru-baru ini ada ‘Sasaeng Fan’ yang telah membocorkan informasi pribadi Sehun secara online dan mengaku sebagai kekasihnya. "EXO-L, happy 6th anniversary EXO: EXO-L music band The 'L' in "EXO-L" stands for Love, and in alphabetical order, L is the 12th letter and links the letters K (EXO-K) and M (EXO-M). That person was none other than Hallyu actor, Lee Seung-gi. Feb 25, 2020 · A former flight attendant of Air France has revealed shocking stories of sasaengs (over-obsessive fans) she saw and experienced on board. This is book #1 for my BTS series. He had returned from a tiring book signing event - this particular city had many more fans of his books than any other city he had gone to so far. Jul 14, 2020 · EXO-SC’s album “1 Billion Views” has topped iTunes charts worldwide! This is the subunit’s first full length album, which features celebrated Korean artists such as PENOMECO and 10CM. K-Pop group EXO were nearly kidnapped Jul 01, 2020 · Fans have become concerned for his safety following the discovery of a self-proclaimed sasaeng that’s been uploading extremely disturbing posts about themselves and the young singer. However, D. com - Personel boygroup EXO, Kai memperingatkan sasaeng atau penggemar garis keras waktu melakukan siaran langsung di Instagram, pada 8 Desember lalu. Exo , i just wanna tell you tht i love youu so much . “Lay Jan 09, 2019 · Fans have been in utter shock after finding out that Super Junior Kyuhyun and his family has been suffering from a serious creepy stalker for the past three years. Yoochun fainted 2. JYPark, who has received a lot of attention from the Nizi project. 173 supporters. Sep 30, 2013 · Endorse the XOXO Movement to stop EXO's sasaeng fan behavior. EXO's Kai was on Instagram Live on December 8, 2019. Sasaeng fans will go to any extreme to spend time with their idols as EXO found out. being cheerful and energetic during EXO‘s debut. [+110, -4] Well, to all of the fans who said they still believed in Tao after his dad's post ㅋㅋ Here's another betrayal for you ㅋㅋ 4. Honestly, he is the first guy among EXO who caught my eyes. This sudden news has been confirmed by SM entertainment today. EXO's Wolf (The life Kpopfactmedia - @kfm. I.