1864 springfield trapdoor rifle

1864 springfield trapdoor rifle The barrel has a line of letters/characters: "V P (and eagle head) P" and also an "A" in the area but distinctly separate. The carbine was a shorter version of the Spencer 7-shot repeating rifle and was introduced primarily for cavalry use in 1864. This much-used rifle has been altered, with custom double triggers for a lighter pull, and a thinned and reshaped buttstock carved to accommodate a leather cartridge holder. It features a metal rod for muzzle-loading, a percussion cap mechanism, and two loops to the bottom for a strap. These models can be easily recognized as the early model's as trap door is screwed to the top of the barrel and Lock plate will have 1863, 1864 or 1865 dates. This was originally a rifled muzzle-loading musket made for the infantry during the American Civil War. 50 caliber, breechblock with eagle and 1866, lock plate dated 1864, 32" round barrel, nickel-plated for us US Model 1863 Type ll Civil War Springfield Musket – PENDING SALE. 1855 to 1864 Trigger Guard ~ Bow Sep 21, 2014 · Shooting and discussing an original 1863 Springfield Type I Civil War rifle, which is essentially just a variant of the classic 1861 Springfield. 50-70 centerfire that closely followed the design of the Model 1870 “Trapdoor” rifle except for the action. The first of the 50-70 conversions was the Springfield Model Jul 14, 2017 · During the Civil War the superiority of breech loading rifles, like the Sharps, was proven . After the gun was zeroed, I tinkered with the charge and that the barrel seems to like 42 grains behind a . M1863/1864 Springfield - Navy Arms, Dixie Gun Works, Miroku M1863/64 Springfield The following before and after pictures are of the same musket. all other metal has been torch/oil colored, my firing pin is in 2-pieces,it tends to misfire,,,, I've got 2 new ones coming, slugged at . The Model 1868 was one of the earliest trapdoor rifles, converting as many parts as possible from the thousands of percussion muzzleloaders left over from the American Civil War. The stock, which appears to have been 17 hours ago · A long slender firing pin inspired the nickname "needle gun" for a custom, sporterized Springfield trapdoor rifle that was a popular single shot on the buffalo ranges. Class: Antique Condition: OD WW View Rating Code Description Mar 08, 2011 · Have Civil War Model 1861 Springfield rifle. Or, As in the early breechloading US Springfield single shot military rifle, loaded via a trapdoor, hinged at the front and latched at the rear. Wow, what a group - all touching at 50 yards! Military Gun Tools Model 1922 M1 & M2 Model 1863 Springfield Lock Plate. Looking for info on a US Model 1884 Trapdoor Rifle I was just given a Springfield Model 1884 trapdoor rifle 45-70 from my father-in-law who used to use it for deer hunting in the 1940s. 1866 on breech, 36" barrel, 1864 on lock plate, inspector's cartouche on left side of stock, N/S/N, N/P 1861 Springfield Rifle, Armi Sport. And long after the rest of the world’s armies had made the switch to smokeless powder, the Trapdoor Springfield went to Cuba Use the gun caliber gauge to measure the inside diameter of the weapon's barrel and look to see if it is indicating caliber . 45-caliber 1873 Trapdoor Springfield; and the rifle and carbine trials which selected the Krag-Jorgenson as the standard U. This rifle was the result of a surplus of Civil War Springfields that were converted to a cartridge system at the end of the war to continue service. The 1868 stock needs only very minor inletting to lengthen the breech area, and can be used 1 Original Model 1873 Springfield . 50-70 caliber, with the lock marked 1864, with eagle and US Springfield, the barrel with eagle head proof, the breech dated 1866, with eagle head proof, walnut stock, sling swivels, folding rear sight, 40" barrel. Among other dusty items was a wooden case of Model 1884 trapdoor rifles that had been used for the school’s ROTC program before more modern rifles (such as . Your springfield armory model 1903 springfield You are bidding on a excellent 1873 Trapdoor Springfield 1st model rifle or early carbine butt plate. Model 1880 Springfield Trapdoor triangular ROD BAYONET Rifle – VERY NICE CORRECT EXAMPLE OF A FAIRLY RARE MODEL – 1 OF 1014 PRODUCED INDIAN USED FIRST PATTERN MODEL 1873 TRAPDOOR RIFLE 1864 DATED SPRINGFIELD ARMORY PRESENTATION PITCHER – PRESENTED TO SHOP FOREMAN & ARMORER GEORGE H. They each kept one rifle and gave the rest away to a local museum – which probably sold them, since even well into the twentieth-century used trapdoors Jul 15, 2015 · The 1873 US Springfield Trapdoor chambered in . Originally developed as a means of converting rifle muskets to breechloaders, the Allin modification ultimately became the basis for the definitive Model 1873, the first breech-loading rifle adopted by the United States War Department for manufacture and widespread issue to U. maker Springfield Armory place made United States Measurements overall, rifle: 55 1/2 in x 2 1/4 in; 140. Krag rifle in 1892, and even then saw use in Cuba and the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. Shop our vast selection and save! Pros 1864 springfield rifle Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough excellent springfield u. It was a separate, yet related, study to determine which combination of caliber, powder charge and bullet weight would provide the best performance. These stocks were also used on the Model 1870 Springfield rifle (along with the M1868 single shoulder rod stop and M 1868 rod). Mike 770-313-7048 Pictures: 1864 springfield rifle is your source for Rebate Sale/Clearance at Gun Store parts and accessories. I have a Krag that was cut down and the bayonet lug/front band nicely moved down the stock, to the exact length of an 03 Springfield. May 22, 2020 · Home / Firearms / Rifles / Pedersoli / Pedersoli Rifles / Pedersoli: Springfield Trapdoor Long Range Rifle (45-70) Pedersoli: Springfield Trapdoor Long Range Rifle (45-70) $ 2,597. The gun at the shop is in excellent condition with a very clean bore, and since these guns were in the white, it looks very clean. The inside of the action says "1884" but the cartouche on the side of the wood butt says "SWP 1892" inside a rectangle. The original 1864 models were muzzleloaders, with a lot of them being converted to trapdoor breechloaders after the fact. 50 1870 2 Cent, VF Condition Doubled Die Obverse FS# 1-o-1 1870 2 Cent, Colt 1873 Colt 1873 Trapdoor recoil pad on a combination gun with space for spare shotgun and rifle cartridges. Manufactured between 1889-1893 serial numbers ran from 500,000 to 565,000- total production -65,000 guns. If you have a “Civil War musket” in your collection, it very probably is a “Springfield” of this model; if not, you probably have the Enfield musket, Apr 25, 2016 · Along with the Springfield and the Sharps, the Remington was a favorite platform for the . The Springfield Trapdoor rifle was a result of the need of the US Army for a breech-loader that could be fired with metallic cartridges. The lock plate is distinctly marked U S SPRINGFIELD" along side the Federal Eagle and "1864" at the rear. Springfield Armory located in Springfield, Massachusetts, was the primary center for the manufacture of U. 00 1866 Ngc Au58 Mintage 10,000- 2nd Lowest Half Dime Pop 61 All Grades Seated Buy Now Available to: Aug 09, 2017 · Springfield Trapdoor 50/70 2nd Allin Conversion 1866. Springfield Armory Model 1875 Officer’s Model Trapdoor Rifle, Late Type II At this point, the Terry Board held a “sidebar” study. springfield model 1884 trapdoor rifle Oct 30, 2018 · Model 1864 pattern rear sight, M1863 pattern ramrod/cleaning rod, sling swivels. Sharps 1864 Sharps 1869 (carabine) Sharps 1870 Smith Smith & Wesson à barillet Smith & Wesson 1940 Starr Spencer Modèle 1860 (carabine) Spencer Army Modèle 1860 Spencer Navy Modèle 1860 Springfield M 1 A Springfield Modèle 1903 Springfield Modèle 1903 A3 Survival Rifle M 6 Springfield Trapdoor Modèle 1866 Springfield Trapdoor Modèle 1868 Colt 1873 Colt 1873 Item Description: 1864 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle. the brass dart with line tied to it fits on a leather tipped wood dowel rests against the blank cartridge the dart is Jul 26, 2014 · Hi Guys I recently purchase a Trapdoor Carbine over here in the UK and am keen to find out some information on its history. The Trapdoor Springfield was 17 hours ago · The product you are looking for Rifle 22 Springfield Rifle Model 87a. I was able to acquire an original Watervliet sling and sacrificed it so you could have this great reproduction. Make: US Springfield Model: 1884 Trapdoor Rifle Serial Number: 453629 Year of Manufacture: 1889 Caliber: . 00: US Springfield 1864 Single Shot Antique Percussion Rifle - 50 cal Springfield 1873 Sharps 1864 Sharps 1869 (carabine) Sharps 1870 Smith Smith & Wesson à barillet Smith & Wesson 1940 Starr Spencer Modèle 1860 (carabine) Spencer Army Modèle 1860 Spencer Navy Modèle 1860 Springfield M 1 A Springfield Modèle 1903 Springfield Modèle 1903 A3 Survival Rifle M 6 Springfield Trapdoor Modèle 1866 Springfield Trapdoor Modèle 1868 An 1864 Springfield muzzle-loading musket, made in Bridesburg, Pennsylvania. Thank you for any 1866 Springfield owners out there who will take the time to check out their rifle and let me know. The rifle is at a gunsmith getting a new mainspring and generally getting checked out to make sure it's safe to fire. It equipped the troops also during Jun 30, 2011 · This stood for Erskine Allin who was the Master Armorer of Springfield in 1864. Numrich has been providing current and obsolete parts since 1950 and has the service and experience that you need from a parts supplier. The plans to adopt a breech-loading infantry rifle were started as during the Civil War (1861-65), and gunsmiths from all over the world were invited to submit suggestions for a new rifle mechanism. HUBBARD BY HIS WORKMEN – VERY RARE NATIONAL ARMORY Trapdoor recoil pad on a combination gun with space for spare shotgun and rifle cartridges. Pedersoli Rifles Show Filters Jun 23, 2015 · 3 coats of laurel mountain, on the barrel, receiver and trapdoor. Only about 25,000 of this model were produced by converting Civil War US Model 1863 rifle-muskets, and they are also known as the 2nd Allin Conversion. 50), so rather than an actual conversion it was more like they used some old and new Jun 13, 2013 · the rifle, if it really is a 1863 Springfield Trapdoor and not a reproduction, it's worth about $1200 in NRA excellent condition. Over 250,000 rifle-muskets of this pattern were completed at Springfield Armory, and these long arms saw extensive use in the last year of the Civil War. Full-stocked, 32 inch barreled rifles, as well as half-stocked, short-barreled carbines, were produced. Allin is best known today because he developed the "Trapdoor" conversions of muzzleloading Springfields to convert them into breechloaders. /SPRINGFIELD, and 1864, front of trapdoor marked Model 1866 rifles ("Second Allin") were produced at Springfield Armory starting in the first quarter of 1867. If so, this is the correct caliber of the 1873 Springfield Trapdoor rifle and carbine and later models of the Springfield Trapdoor. It produced a variety of firearms, artillery, ammunition, swords, bayonets, and many well known and iconic rifles like the Springfield Model 1861, Springfield Model 1873 "Trapdoor", Springfield Model 1892 "Krag-Jørgensen This is a short explanation of the changes in gun slings relating to the 1873 trapdoor guns. According to Claude Miller's book, The Rifled Musket , this rifle was one of 48,000 delivered by Jenks to the US Government on December 15, 1863. Therefore the This rifle started out as a Civil War Springfield Rifle Musket, dated 1864, made by SPRINGFIELD ARMORY, as indicated on the lock plate. 95 Compare Need 1873 Trapdoor Springfield parts for your latest project? Browse the huge selection of 1873 Springfield rifle parts and the schematic here and end your parts search. A good example of a 3-Band 1865 Springfield Musket that has been converted for the Army to use with the new . 44 Revolvers: IB: Isack Bartlett Forged Lockplates 1808: ICC : Unknown Re-Furbished Rifles, Rock Island 1920'S and 1930'S: IFC This is a complete lock for the 2nd Model Allin conversion Model 1866 U. If the seller is too far away you can request that the rifle can Aug 09, 2017 · Springfield Trapdoor 50/70 2nd Allin Conversion 1866. /Springfield'', ''1864'' stamped behind hammer, ''US'' on buttplate tang. The rifle is virtually identical with early military model 1869 trial rifle described in "Die Repetiergewehre der Schweiz", p. 458 cast my boolits out of Lyman #2 and fired one,(405 hb and 45 grains of swift) dam i love this rifle, I have ordered a new Saint rifle and am looking for information on the best 2 Point Sling. After minor modifications, Springfiled made the rifle shown in 1872 as one of 10,001 Model 1871 Army rifles in . The Gatling gun, also known as the battery gun, is a black powder gun that consists of multiple barrels revolving around a central axis and is capable of being fired at a rapid rate. Sp0187 cam latch cover plate screw original for 1868 1870 us springfield breechloading 1873 1889 springfield 4570 trapdoor our price. Originally made during 1861, in limited quantities, by the “Springfield” Armoury, this replica, authentically reproduces one of America’s most historical firearms. This will fit almost all Trapdoor Springfield rifles and carbines except cadet models and M1888 ramrod bayonet models but is correct for pieces made before about SN 78. I hear so much about trapdoor, and not really sure what it means, but my rifle has a brass door located on the butt of the rifle. Federal infantrymen were armed mainly with the Springfield rifle musket, Model 1861, or variants of this model, i. 230095 catalog number Here we present an antique Springfield Model 1866 Second Allin Trapdoor Rifle in . The Springfield M1863 Type 2 musket was a government arsenal product from Springfield, Massachusetts. M1865 to M1868 US Springfield: GENERALLY: After the American Civil war, over a million and a half percussion muzzle-loaders were available and in service, but were also demonstrably obsolete. 1873 Springfield Trapdoor Carbine The rifle, in both full length and carbine versions, was used in the Great Sioux War of 1876 involving the Lakota, Arapaho and Northern Cheyenne Yellowboy Short Rifle, with 20 inch barrel, brass forend nose cap and solid brass crescent buttplate; Yellowboy Rifle, with 24-1/4 inch barrel, brass forend nose cap and solid brass crescent buttplate; The 1866 Yellowboy Rifle was a marked improvement over the Henry rifle. In competition his design proved to be the most acceptable, and he was requested to convert 5,000 M1861 rifle-muskets to use the new breech. Although other versions of the "Trapdoor" Springfields were produced after 1884, the Model 1884 was the last major redesign of the Springfield Rifles before the Springfield Armory focused on building thier own Krag Jorgensen Rifle. They remained there and were disassembled over the following years to provide parts for the various models of the breechloading, "Trapdoor Springfields" that were manufactured at the armory. 52 caliber, 32 ½-inch barrel with fixed front - Available at 2018 December 9 Arms & Armor, Dec 31, 2011 · Springfield produced them until 1877 (though the Army continued to contract the design for manufacture until 1886) turning out about 73,000 total trapdoor carbines. 52 caliber, 32 ½-inch barrel with fixed front - Available at 2018 December 9 Arms & Armor, Rifle; Springfield, Model 1866, Trapdoor, West Point Color Guard. Nov 28, 2012 · The Springfield trapdoor was the first breech-loading rifle of the United States Army and this collection represents the many variations of a weapon that for 20 years was the army's primary long arm. rifle trials, and though possibly a superior arm to the Needle Gun, it was squeezed out, most likely at the behest of some penny-pinching bureaucrat. Walnut stock w/ crisp SWP cartouche for Samuel W Porter dated Unfortunately for Custer and his Springfield Trapdoor armed troops, a few Henry rifles also fell into the possession of the Sioux and Cheyenne troops at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. The lockplate is dated 1863 with eagle Jan 03, 2011 · What is the current value of a 1873 Springfield Trapdoor 45-70 rifle with bayonet in VG condition. This Springfield Trapdoor is being sold by Aaron Wheeler Gunsmith Limited, a trade seller based in Brighouse. The US Army was keen to adopt a breech loader, but had massive stocks of nearly new muzzle loading rifles which it could not afford to replace. Feb 13, 2017 · I made a brief video to show the effect of using a product called "Kotton Klenser" to clean the antique wood of a Springfield Model 1866 converted trap door rifle. 19 hours ago · Primary Infantry Weapon Dated “1864” Here we present an antique Springfield Model 1863 Type II Rifle-Musket, made by Springfield Armory in 1864. 1866 on breech, 36" barrel, 1864 on lock plate, inspector's cartouche on left side of stock, N/S/N, N/P 88 Apr 15, 2014 · 238 Cadet Model 1869 Trapdoor Springfield Rifle, c. There is a bit of an interesting story with this gun as it was found right here in Georgiamost likely used after the war by a farmer as a shotgun. The Springfield Model 1865 was heavily based on the Model 1863 rifled musket, also produced by Springfield. 58 caliber “Springfield” Model 1863, Type 2, single-shot muzzleloader in complete, excellent overall condition. Google 1863 Springfield Rifle and look at the images, you can see what an original gun looks like in all kinds of conditions. Usual configuration with 29-5/8” bbl, square base front sight/bayonet lug with 2-leaf rear sight and 1870 dated breechblock. Has original shoulder strap and has been fired in … read more Description: A Springfield front sight tool for the Springfield 03, 03A1, 22 m1 and 22 M2 rifles. Shop our vast selection and save! Pros 1864 springfield trapdoor rifle Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough Will accept PayPal or possible other forms of payment. Model: 1863 Rifle converted to 1866 Trapdoor Serial Number: NSN Year of Manufacture: The lock plate is marked for 1864, the conversion was done in 1866, the total number converted was 25,000, as per Flayderman’s. Barrel looks to have been from a “Model 1879”, as it has the 1879 buckhorn rear sigh Click for more info The Springfield Model 1866 was the second iteration of the Allin-designed trapdoor breech-loading mechanism. 45-70 caliber, serial number 364558, walnut stock with a crisp cartouche on the left side of the stock, blued-steel [more like this] SPRINGFIELD TRAPDOOR TRAINING/FENCING RIFLE. In fact this very gun was used to almost completely wipe out the largest land mammal in North America. Jerry Nov 30, 2015 · First Pattern 1865 Allin Conversion – Trapdoor Springfield at RIA November 30, 2015 Ian McCollum Conversion , Single Shot Rifles , Video 32 As the US Civil War drew to a close, it was quite apparent to everyone that muzzleloading rifles were obsolete, and any military force wishing to remain relevant would need to adopt cartridge-firing weapons. Aug 01, 2020 · Original 1864 Dated Confederate $10 Note With Horses Pulling Cannon Scene Original U. , 36-5/8'' round barrel, tiny ''1866'' over small eagle head on trapdoor, spread-eagle on lockplate near ''U. The earlier 50-70 models were made from civil war muskets and usually had an 1863 or 1864 date stamp on the lockplate. Class: Antique Condition: OD WW View Rating Code Description The Springfield Model 1873 was the Army’s standard issue rifle during the Indian Wars of the 1870s and 1880s. By jd65 in forum Wanted/For Sale Items 10-05-010 - Springfield M1864 Musket aka Model 1863 Type-2 This is the last of the U. The only thing different about it is that it appears to have a brass buttplate and brass barrel rings (correct term?) which I haven't seen on any others. Only 5,000 M1865 "1st Allin" Conversion rifles were produced circa 1865, using most of the components from surplus US . 1864-1866 springfield trapdoor rifle (unionville) Sold at 1000 $ Hello i have come across a great find in my line of work an 1864-1866 trapdoor springfield rifle. Mar 12, 2010 · My local shop has a Springfield M-1884 trapdoor 45-70 Carbine and I'm curious about it. The second of the 'Trapdoor' series, this model featured a new rifled liner in a Model 1863 musket, reducing the caliber to . The tumbler is the same as on Civil War muskets, with two Those guys at springfield armory knew how to make interchangeable parts long before henry ford. 00: British style unknown rod, 38-1/2" long During the following 20 years quite a big number of Springfield Trapdoor rifles have been manufactured, among them also many versions with smooth barrel for cadets, for the target shooting and destined to the Officers. It produced a variety of firearms, artillery, ammunition, swords, bayonets, and many well known and iconic rifles like the Springfield Model 1861, Springfield Model 1873 "Trapdoor", Springfield Model 1892 "Krag-Jørgensen Oct 23, 2016 · i once almost bought a trapdoor, condition rough, 1868 iirc, in 50-70 for $500. I've always wanted one of these guns but I don't know much about them, especially how judge their value. 99 Springfield Trapdoor Rear Sight > Springfield Trapdoor Rear Sight Good Shape Oct 22, 2018 · Very good condition antique US Model 1866 Trapdoor Springfield rifle in . 50 caliber, breechblock with eagle and 1866, lock plate dated 1864, 32" round barrel, nickel-plated for us Socket bayonet for use on the . 00 USGI Korea Era Barrel for Springfield Armory M1 Garand Service Rifle SA 12 54 DM 1817 Common Rifle ramrod /brass tip. 00: View Image: Springfield Model 1884 trapdoor rifle 45-70 bore exc, Mech exc, Wood VG plus with strong cartouche has some light scratches on the left side of the stock. Allin, master armorer at Springfield Armory, perfected a forward-hinged breechblock that swung open like a trapdoor rifle rifle, trapdoor date made ca 1866 associated date 1864 inventor Allin, Erskine S. Meanwhile, the Army, which had exited the Civil War with an inventory of almost a million percussion fired muzzle loaders converted Springfield Model 1863 and Model 1864 muskets to metallic cartridge ammunition using the Allin conversion (trapdoor) method, as well as cadet rifles. The complete brand new action, never on a rifle, was sold to me with the hammer, by a old single shot dealer, Ed Lucas, who used to go to Allentown and Pottstown antique gun shows back in the Feb 26, 2013 · I bought one just like it, except it had a trapdoor action, and good trapdoor lock. Springfield Krag Trapdoors Model 1855 - 1864 Model 1861 Special "Granpa's Gun Parts" is owned by D. I bought an 1863 Springfield barrel from you at the Fall Nationals (2006) and just had it out to the range. I took a look at it and it doesn't seem to have much in the way of markings, and the only numbers on it are "219" and "1869". The cadet rifle was shorter than the standard M1873 infantry rifle, since its primary use was for drilling. I don't need anything fancy and was thinking of a simple nylon sling like the 60" USA Sling which reminds me of the black silent sling of the 1970's. 50-70-450 commercial) The receivers and for the most part the barrels were new (some old barrels were sleeved down to . It was soon replaced in front line service by the Springfield Model 1868 "Trapdoor" rifle, but continued to be widely issued to scouts and contract buffalo hunters well into the Oct 25, 2013 · Rare U. s springfield trapdoor arms; (3) 1865-1893 military: bayonets, knives, entrenching tools/trowels, mills & prairie belts, mckeever / dyer pouches & carbine boots. 1864 Rifle 1864 Rifle Dec 01, 2014 · The Trapdoor Springfield continued in service until replaced by the . Most of these conversions were commissioned by the Irish Fenian Brotherhood to be used in their plot to invade Canada. 00: View Image: Springfield Model 1868 Trapdoor Rifle 50-70 cal Bore Exc, Mech Exc, Wood Exc with cartouche, Has an original 32 ½” Rd barrel with original sights and serial#35314 matching the receiver, which has a 1869 Eagle head and US marked bolt. 1863 rear sights are similar to those found on Milbank Amsler and Peabody military rifles, as well as on some Swiss sporting and target rifles. 62 May 09, 2009 · Model 1884 -this particular model of 1884 was also known as “Model 1888 US Trapdoor Rifle” or “Ramrod bayonet model” or Model 1889. The Model 1865 was also named a "Trapdoor Springfield" due to the breechblock mechanism it employed. "1869" stamped on trapdoor along with eagle head a Feb 23, 2014 · I inherited a Springfield Model 1884 and want to know its value so I can sell. In the years following the Civil War, many Model 1863 muskets were converted into breech-loading "Trapdoor Springfields". – w/22” Barrel w/Correct Front & “C” Marked Rear Barrel Sights – Gun Retains Fair Amount of its Original Blue & Original Varnish in the Stock – There Are No Tools Present in the Trap Door Butt Plate – A Very Honest & Tight Gun Maker: Ruger Model: New Model Blackhawk Edition: 50th Anniversary Caliber: 1 of 2 is . /SPRINGFIELD, and 1864, front of trapdoor Springfield 1873 Trapdoor 45-70 Rifle is available on HiBid. After the Civil War, the United States had an enormous surplus inventory of Model 1861/1863 type muskets and, rather than surplus the entire lot of Oct 18, 2004 · The 1861-1864 Springfield's were called Rifle Muskets, all had 40" barrels and three barrel bands holding them to the stock Any muskets made as smooth bores originally but had rifling added later were called Rifled Muskets. All officers model sporting rifles were engraved There were a hundred rifles made with positive cams. I would not choose a single shot for dangerous game, but I have shot several deer with my trapdoor, and shoot highpower competition with it on a regular basis (including rapid fire) and I consider it substantially more reliable than the Sharps and equally accurate. The effective range (about 500 yards) was the same as the longer "rifle", but it was more difficult to aim because of the shorter distance between the sights. Left side of stock has the "HSH" Henry Hill cartouche, who inspected the 1863 Model rifles. M 1855 Musket or rifle percussion roll of Caps M1873 US Indian War/ Spanish American War Trapdoor Springfield Scabbard M1863-1864 and M1861 Special Model MODEL 1873 ‘TRAPDOOR’ U. The Lockplate is the correct Civil War era Model 1863/64 Lockplate that is correctly marked "1864" to the rear of the Hammer. Justice; Whitneyville Plymouth; M1866 SPRINGFIELD 50-70 TRAPDOOR PROJECT GUN Price Gun Leather Hand Gun Leather Rigs Rifle & Shotgun Leather Rolling Block & Springfield Trapdoor 1885 Low Wall 1885 High Wall Little Badger Shotguns Even though the Model 1866 Springfield-Allin was a major improvement, it was excessively heavy, and it continued to suffer more than its share of extraction problems. The rifle has a blue barrel, ramrod, barrel bands, receiver, lock plate, hammer, trigger guard and buttplate. 1863-1864 Springfield; M1866 SPRINGFIELD 50-70 TRAPDOOR PROJECT GUN Price: NICE CLEAN SPRINGFIELD TRAPDOOR MODEL 1868 , GUN HAS SEEN SOME USE , AND IS IN BETTER THAN AVERAGE CONDITION 36182 ON BARREL AND R for sale by Dave Kerns on GunsAmerica - 906795154 Jan 03, 2011 · What is the current value of a 1873 Springfield Trapdoor 45-70 rifle with bayonet in VG condition. Did the 1866 Springfield trapdoor have a serial number? Mine has a small number "5" in the same location where that the . Allin’s greatest contribution was the development of the “Trapdoor” breech mechanism which could be adapted to the existing muzzle-loading rifles. Jan 29, 2017 · Make: This rifle was originally made by Springfield Armory and was arsenal converted under the Erskine S. Numrich has been a source for hard to find parts like these since 1950 and continues to serve firearms enthusiasts with a large selection of manufacturers and models. Springfield Armory Model 1875 Officer's Model Trapdoor Rifle, Late Type II Breech from above of the Officer's Model 1875 At this point, a “sidebar” study was held by the Terry Board. There were some changes made to the eagle and shield during 1873 rifle production which could narrow it down. 45-70 Government Action Type: Trapdoor Rifle Markings: The right side of the lock is marked with an Eagle, and “U. Allin, master armorer at Springfield Armory, perfected a forward-hinged breechblock that swung open like a trapdoor It is a "converted" Civil War 1863 Springfield (as were the 1865, 1866, and 1869 Springfield Trapdoors) chambered for . springfield model 1879 trapdoor service rifle The hammer is original Springfield Armory issue for the Model 1868 and Model 1870 . MP0282 Saddle Bar Ring 1873-1889 Springfield 45/70 Trapdoor Carbine, Spencer Rifle/Carbine, & 1859 - 63 Sharps, 1874 Sharps, & Our Price: $4. 1864 springfield rifle for sale Mar 04, 2016 · 1864 springfield trapdoor rifle is your source for Rebate Sale/Clearance at Gun Store parts and accessories. this site specializes in: (1) trapdoor springfield rifles & carbines, 1865-1893; (2) indian war & span-am war: u. The weapons were often shortened to better match the current "issue" weapon in this case it looks like they tried to make this rifle more like a Trapdoor. The Springfield Model 1884 was one of the last members of the infamous "Trapdoor" Springfield rifles. Serial number is 42284 and I am told it could possibly be what is known as a Custer period rifle? Not sure about this as I dont know too much about them. 1864 springfield trapdoor rifle